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Kiwi Kinder Club- currently in recess

Welcome to all the new members/enthusiasts; hopefully we'll see most/all of the others back too!



Sessions and Themes

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month from 2-4 PM at Hardy Centre/Girl Guide Club (18 Hungerford Cres; close to Hamilton Gardens)

We try to do/talk as much Dutch as possible and adapt themes to cultural events in the Netherlands like Sinterklaas, Tulip Festival, Pasen, etc.

3 Levels: 'spelend Nederlands leren en proeven'

Our aim is 'spelend Nederlands leren en proeven' (playful learning and 'tasting' Dutch). Because of the many different levels and ages, we tend to split in groups for some of the learning. 

A general session format would be:

- First 30 minutes together, talking about session, theme and 'doing' something together (e.g. arts/crafts, singing, dancing)

- Around an hour in groups in separate rooms. For now three groups are planned (this might need to be reviewed later as numbers and levels become clearer):

o   Beginner/junior level (upto 5/6 .... yrs): mainly learning through play, song, games, reading books aloud/together (led by Yolande & Danielle);

o   Intermediate level (primary school age/level upto around10 yrs and reasonable level of understanding&speaking Dutch): more ‘serious’ learning + play (led by Mary & Theo);

o   Advanced group (10 yrs+ and more advanced speaking, listening, reading and some writing in Dutch): reviewing Dutch books, movies, writing, jokes, spreekwoorden, etc (led by Marja & Bart - only Dutch spoken).

- Then finalize together and discuss next session. Lend materials (DvDs, (audio)books, etc). 

Timing is relatively flexible. Coffee & dutch delights will be served. On occasions we'll bake special Dutch delights with the kids at the session (e.g. pepernoten for Sinterklaas, painted eggs for Pasen, poffertjes, wafels).

The first 2 months/sessions, we'll probably be constructing the different groups/levels. Just to remind, we are all volunteers and welcome suggestions, support, etc for the various groups and activities.



DvDs,(audio)books and other resources

As you'll realize learning Dutch (or any language) doesn't happen in 2 hours per month: it is fun, but takes time and effort for the children (and the parents :-). That's why - on top of continuity, i.e. being there all sessions if possible -we recommend 'doing' Dutch at home as well. Especially in the higher groups we'll try and give some Dutch material (movie, book, leaflet, games, task) - we'' try and avoid the word 'huiswerk' (but completing will be rewarded with Dutch delights! :-)


Reading Dutch books and watching Dutch movies together can be great fun for both parents and children. Another good, supporting option is learning tools. The one we use most (recommended) is . It is free. You can make 1 or more accounts for you and your kids; and you can find your friends online (and compete who learns most/fastest by seeing who is top on the leaderboard).


. We have set the costs at $20 per family per quarter/term. This pays for the Centre hire, materials, food/coffee, etc. These can be paid:

- In cash at the meetings;

- By 'merchant banking machine' (eftpos/cc) at the meetings;

- Via Internet banking: Westpac 03 0306 0204890 00 ( NZ Netherlands Society (Waikato) Inc)l pls put 'KKC-term-( )' in your Reference/Particulars-line and emails us the details, so we can find back your payment more easily.


Please use the link below to contact the Kiwi Kinder Club committee for information or ideas:






NZ Netherlands Society (Waikato) Inc

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