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Vrijmarkt/Boot Sale
Saturday 29th April, 10am to 1 pm

Your chance to sell your pre-loved treasures!
Bring your own table of lay out a blanket on the ground to show your treasures.
No commercial sellers, sorry, but handcrafts and artisan welcome.
Book by emailing and tell us what you would like to sell.
Cambridge Primary School grounds, Duke Street, Cambridge
(no access to School bathrooms, public toilets are available at Hally's Lane)

Dutch Film Festival 2023

The Dutch Film Festival will finally make it to the Waikato. 

As we had limited time to organise a venue we have chosen the lovely Tivoli Cinema in Cambridge. The movies have been chosen by the Dutch Foundation:

Tuesday 2nd May: De Veroordeling

Wednesday 3rd May: Pink Moon

Tickets are $15 each and can be booked by making payment to NZ Netherlands Society (Waikato) Inc: 03-0306-0204890-00, stating your name and which movie (or both) you would like to attend. If possible book by the 20th April so we know the size of theatre we will be in.

NZ Netherlands Society (Waikato) Inc

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