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This organisation is now in recess.
Please enjoy pictures from previous events
Hamilton Tulip Festival Trust
The Hamilton Tulip Festival Trust, together with the NZ Netherlands Society (Waikato) and individuals in the Waikato region organise a yearly festival in September, celebrating Dutch culture.
The festival is held at the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion, admission is fee.
Food features heavily at the Festival, with many people coming especially for the kroketten and oliebollen. Coffee, tea and cakes are available for sale. The Gouda Cheese Shop sells different varieties of cheese as well as other traditional Dutch foods.
A number of Waikato choirs and dance groups perform to entertain the public. As there are currently no Dutch groups operating in the Waikato area.
Although there are often limited tulips flowering outside at this time of the year, a flower  art group decorates the pavilion with some quite artistic flower arrangements.

NZ Netherlands Society (Waikato) Inc

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